What even is a nail buffer?
A nail buffer is used to smooth out the top keratin layers of your nails, giving it a smooth, shiny look (without the need for clear nail polish)

What is Buffy made from?
I’m made from glass, which is what makes me durable and easy to clean.

How long will Buffy last?
It depends on how often you use me, boo 😉

There’s no need to replace me until you notice I’m not effective anymore (at least 6 months of regular use. They make me say that for legal purposes, but it's usually a lot longer!)

How long will my nails stay shiny?
The shine can last for up to a week, but it really depends on how rough you are on your hands.

Does Buffy damage the nail?
I work my magic by smoothing out the top layer of keratin on your nails. And sure, if you go buffing them every day, you’ll start to wear away at those top layers.

That’s why our buffing time together is best kept to once a week.

What’s the difference between this and those foam buffers?
Unlike those old school foam buffers, I’m durable, long-lasting and easy to clean. Plus you can use me to file and shape your nails too (love that for us!)

Can I paint my nails after using Buffy?
Yep! And the best part is, the polish will glide on that smooth surface nice and evenly 💅🏼

Can you use it on your toes?
Please do! I love a bit of foot play 😏

Can Buffy be used to file and shape fake nails too?
Go for it, bestie. Just don't go trying to buff those babies.

Will Buffy break if I drop it?
It’s possible. I'm pretty tough for something made from glass, but if I hit the floor hard enough or at the right angle or enough times, I can break.

How do I clean you?
Run me under hot water and leave me to air dry in the buff. No soap or chemicals, pls.

Shipping Qs

How much does shipping cost?
It’s free, bestie! So go grab that order already.

Where do you ship to?

What postal service do you use?
Good ol’ Australia Post. Because it’s accessible, relatively reliable and makes free shipping possible. Yay.

Do you ship internationally?
Yeah nah — that’s Aussie for “no.”

Buffy isn’t ready to go worldwide just yet 👀

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?
Orders are packed and popped in the big red postbox every 1-2 days.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Depends on how much your postie likes you, and also, where you live.

Aus Post estimates 3-6 days, but y’know, COVID and Christmas and all the other C words like to get in the way.

Where’s my order?
Good question! Without tracked shipping or a crystal ball, not one I can predict the answer to.

If it’s been 2 weeks since your order shipped (ie. when you got your order shipped confirmation email) and it still hasn’t shown, it sounds like it might’ve gone MIA 🥺

But never fear: simply email hi@getbuffy.com and I’ll sort you out.

Do you offer gift wrapping and notes?
Although we don’t do gift wrapping, every Buffy order comes packaged in the kind of spectacularly sparkly mailer anyone would love receiving (because it should feel like getting a gift, even if you’re buying it for yourself!)

You can add a gift note at checkout so that the lucky recipient knows who to thank.

Other Qs

Can I stock Buffy?
Got an online or for real life store you think would be the perfect spot for Buffy? Get in touch: hi@getbuffy.com

I have a question that I'd rather talk to someone about. Can I call you?

Love that for you. Don't love that for me. I don't really do voice calls. BUT what I lack in talky talk skills, I make up for in email support. So either use the contact form or email hi@getbuffy.com

I couldn’t find the answer to my question… how can I get in touch?

Send me an email with your unanswered Q and I’ll answer it: hi@getbuffy.com