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[3 PACK] BUFFY the glass nail buffer

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Grab the 3 pack and give 2 as gifts (or keep me within reach at all times 🥰) 

One for your bag, one for your bathroom, one for your bedside drawers.

OR one for you and 2 for your besties.

I'm the long-lasting, easy-to-clean alternative to those disposable foam nail buffers.

Say goodbye to waiting for that manky clear nail polish to dry, only to have it chip before the day is done 😩

  • Easy to use - zero fuss given
  • Lasts longer than other buffers
  • No around waiting for polish to dry
  • No stinky gross chemicals
  • No chipping - shine wears off naturally
  • Easy to clean
  • 3-in-1 - use it to buff, file and shape
  • Obsessively addictive to use 😳
    • Quick and easy

      You've got better things to do than visit the salon or to wait around for nail polish to dry (only to have it chip before the day is done)

    • 3-in-1

      I'm a triple threat 🤩 Use me to file, shape and buff your nails, so no need for multiple tools

    • Long-lasting

      Unlike those old school foam buffers, I won't wear out after 1-2 uses (better for you and the planet!)

    Kiss your clear nail polish goodbye 😘

    Get your shine on without fussing about with clear nail polish. No waiting for it to dry, no questionable chemicals and no chipped polish ruining your vibe.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jody Vassallo
    Love love love!!

    My nails are so shiny!! I honestly don’t think they’ve ever looked better. Love my Buffy’s.